Global Freight Summit 2022 by DP World: Key Insights and Thoughts from SeaRates

What were some of our favourite moments from this year's event?

We were honoured to have been asked to visit the Global Freight Summit in Dubai this year. It was a really exciting event with lots of great speakers and insightful keynotes. Our SeaRates team would gladly share the key thoughts and insights they gained from attending this Summit. 

One of the most professionally rewarding experiences I’ve had was attending the Global Freight Summit in 2022.

It was really impressive to be in a place that is looking to build and grow good logistics connections. In fact, one of the phrases that I remember most from this activity is “Better Information Builds Better Connections,” meaning that good information can connect us to different logistics solutions that help us develop better commercial relationships with our customers and build new and big commercial partnerships.

Likewise, in the conferences held with the different panelists, there is a phrase that I treasure in my mind to work as a goal in 2023, and that is that in order to have modern and agile logistics solutions, we must evolve our way of thinking, that is, we no longer have the only logistics solution that we knew before the pandemic; now there are different options that we can offer the clients that will allow us to offer the only logistics solution that we knew before the pandemic, now there are different options that we can offer the clients that will allow us to offer a higher quality service, and our part to achieve this is to find the best one that our client does not see, because they do not have the keys or strategies that we have learned. 

Another great shared experience is having interacted with so many people from the world of logistics, sharing ideas, goals for 2023, estimated volume for the year, and how SeaRates can help meet those goals.

On top of this, there is a specific customer named Racine from Shopmeaway who told us that her purpose for participating, in addition to learning the latest logistics and supply chain details, was to learn a little more about the service that SeaRates has been providing and how his company can be integrated into our data. Besides him, there was Nicole Kamanzi from WLP, who connected me with more agents from South Africa and Senegal, not to mention South American freight forwarder Martiline, who was also looking to connect with the SeaRates team and see how we could achieve our 2023 goals with mutual support.

Conclusion and Summary

The Global Freight Summit 2022 was the first event organized by DP World for all logistics market participants, like freight forwarders, shipping lines, airlines, and other transport operators, to gather together with technology providers and BCOs to explore common opportunities and trends in 2023 and the decade.

Such important topics, highlights and keynotes were addressed as future-proofing global trade in an era of uncertainty, can retail supply chains meet consumer demands today, the intelligent leadership and secrets to leading others and leaving your legacy, taking action on net zero, what comes next realising tomorrow’s supply chain innovations today, accelerating frictionless trade through digital, crystal ball top predictions for freight forwarding in 2023, customer experience in logistics and much more!

Great speakers, a rich atmosphere, and strong emotions filled these three days. As the CEO of SeaRates, I am so proud to be part of the big DP World family that made it happen. So many outstanding acquaintances and business opportunities came out of every day of the workshop. We’ve seen freight forwarders who are joining DFA premium membership just live at the event, shippers who found the perfect solution for their projects, and so on. I’ve felt really limitless with such amazing people who visited the summit, and I’m really looking forward to having an even bigger one in 2023.